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Strafing through your gallery my eyes is always dragged towards this particular photo. And it's the first time now that I payed attenti...

This mermaid is surly holding her pray close to heart. With the head over her chest. Oh, and the head having its eyes open (with that c...



(on hold)

:iconadamwrodriguez: - Collaboration (90% complete)

:iconcibana: - Pen/Marker Challenge! (no idea why I keep forgetting this)

:iconbojackzoidberg: - Photo+Doodle=Collaboration. (90% complete)

:iconvolted-rat: - Collaboration!


:iconthamuzmartu: - Art trade!




Andrea Volari
Artist | Varied

• I tattoo for a living. Currently on a break from the inking as I've struggled a lot with pain in my back. For ink-work inquiries and bookings please contact me through e-mail volarink[at]outlook[dot]com

• I draw (what some people would call) 'wicked' doodles, with the function of it being some kind of self-therapy as it makes me relax and 'zone-out'. The same goes for the few paintings I've created in my life so far. If you want to buy an original doodle or painting from me, please send me a private message here on DeviantArt.

• I take a lot of pictures. Taking pictures helps me remember stuff better and I find the process very entertaining. Capturing a moment of time is quite spectacular. And in the back of my mind I know if I one day loose all creativity and inspiration, I can always dig trough the hundreds of thousands of photos, from over 10 years of freezing moments of time, to get inspired again.

• I have a goal to one day realize my dream about making a documentary-movie. I'm currently in the process of gathering material. Just give me, eh, 20 years. I'm pretty sure by the time my movie is ready to be shown in the cinemas you can use VR glasses and participate. I made fun. So laugh.


Super  Hoxxy (Animated)

Martin K.

A tender soul who's very dedicated and at times very busy.
He makes digial-artwork and has an eye for details, quality and originality.
After following him for two years he has shown great progress and huge development within hisstyle of art.
I really admire his style and technique as it is so different from my own. Let's rewind back to May 2015
 when the two of us decided to do an art trade. Martin started in September 2015 to draw and he sent me
progress shots that really got me super-stoked, so I must say I was a little upset that it never was finished as I
started to fall in love with it. Anyhow, two years later his second and final version of "Super-Volari" turned out
flawless and I have come to love this version just as much as the first! Not to mention the runes, a reference to my neck tattoo,
being a part of the drawing makes it so on the spot perfect!
Make sure to check out Martin's art, thamuzmartu here on Deviant ART DeviantArt 

Art trade: SuperVolariVol.2 by ThamuzMartu

Such originality in the Vol.2 version! Doing another twist on the pose and hair made it turn out absolutley splendid!
Thank you

........................................................WIP of the first version.......................................................
SuperVolari - Art Trade - Beginning by ThamuzMartu
........................................................WIP of the first version.......................................................


Matias Alejandro Cabrera

A joyful and hard working inspirational illustrator I stumbled over here on dA. With his dope style he clearly puts a piece of his
soul into his works. What I dig about his version of "Super-Volari" is kinda the whole illustration, but especially the lines,
mood and that the "S" on the shirt has been turned into "V". As well as the soft colors up against the hard rough black lines flows so well together.
Love it! Gotta say I'm amazed he'd been both a member here on dA as well as a self employed artist for the past 8 years, not receiving
more recognition and feedback for his works. I hope to see you post your art more often and to answer your question:
If I ever come to South America I will for sure let you know! Stay creative my friend!
Dive into Matias' artworks in his gallery, you will find him as los-ilusos here on Deviant ART DeviantArt 
Super Volari by los-ilusos
It dripz creativity and awesomeness from this unique artwork! Brilliant!
Thank you


Manuel / Satan

A gentle and tender (I don't know why I wanna use that word "tender" but I just wanna) soul who whispered 
to my note-inbox letting me know he was interested in making his own version of "Super Volari" and asked for permission. 
Manuel's interpretation of "Super-Volari" turned out to be more awesome than I had imagined. 
This dude clearly has an eye for details and his artworks are absolutely brilliant. I look up to you, you SUPER artist! 
You can find Manuel and more of his awesome art on his page Satanoy here on deviant ART DeviantArt 

Super-Volari final by Satanoy  
Super-Volari INk by Satanoy

Your drawing-skills are well used and I love with how it turned out!
Thank you



A kind soul with a super-amazing talent when it comes to drawing sexy cartoon pinups.
I entered Tom's journal quiz, and it turned out that I had enough right answers to request a drawing.
The drawing is not exactly a look-alike to the original "Super-Volari" photo, 
but I approve it to be a part of this feature due to the Superman logo on the shirt !
Check in to DoctorMadoxx's office (profile) here on deviant ART DeviantArt 

It Is What It Is... by DocMaddox

I am in love with this very beautiful and unique drawing.
Thank you



A kind soul with a super talent! I don't know much about this girl, but I know that she has a very original style in her digital drawings.
Love how my stuffed teddy looks too in this version, so very cute!
The starry sky with the shooting star gives me the feeling of a very magic-dream-like scenery.
I hope you had fun making this lovely addition to the "Super-Volari" collection! ^_^
 1redpenguin1 is her profile here on deviant ART  DeviantArt  check out her other works!

Dream Big by 1RedPenguin1

A very lovely addition to this collection!
Thank you


She is a very talented soul, especially with vector and digital drawing!
Today I received the message that my requested version of her "Super-Volari" was finished, and it looks absolutely stunning!
Thank you so much dear, for taking your time and spending 3-5 hours on this wonderful creation and for extending my "Super-Volari" Collection!
I appreciate it very much, and I hope you had fun in the process of making it.
You find Jessica as brootalz here on deviant ART  DeviantArt drop by her page and check out her works!

Supergirl by brootalz

Thank you so much for being wonderful and talented!
Thank you


A fellow Norwegian in the possession of a true viking soul and with a true talent within the digital drawing area.
Three days ago, June 8th, she commented the following on this journal; "aww, I wanna do this :3 It looks like fun ^^"
Today I logged on deviantART and found THIS in my notification-area.
I think you've done a SUPER job with it and it goes right into my heart. Makes me think of my doodles since it's not colored.
The hair flows perfectly and it's so very detailed in the skirt etc. Go visit Susy on her profile artinecs here on deviant ART DeviantArt 

Super Volari By Artinecs-d8wpyxn by sHavYpus

Sykt bra! Jeg setter utrolig stor pris på kunstverket ditt. Tusen takk! 
Thank you


A very supportive man with a kind soul spreading happiness and joy. I surprisingly received his version of "Super-Volari" in my notifications TWICE, 
it said;
 " for you my dear friend! " Aww  These digital version of "Super-Volari" are both one of a kind and very awesome looking.
In the first one: I love how the colors are picked out, and how my arms/hands fades away 
and how it reminds me of a "WANTED" poster.
In the second version: I love how the background is going form purple to orange and how the shirt gives a feeling of a 60's styles dress.
Correct me if I am wrong, but fashion ain't my strongest side.. hehe. The contrast in both are excellent! 
Hossein are found as ht1372 here on deviant ART DeviantArt </strike>

SuperAndreaVolari by ht1372-d8wm3dz by sHavYpus

You have made a very awesome digital version of "Super-Volari"! 
The 2'nd is lost, as Hossein deactivated that account and I cannot find it on my computer.. :(
Thank you



A kind young man with a wonderful soul shining bright as a star. He also wanted to make his version of "Super-Volari".
He is a very talented drawer and I am flattered that "Super-Volari" now is existing in Collin-style. I think it looks absolutely stunning Collin!
Thank so very much for the kind gesture. I hope I can have the pleasure of seeing it in colors one day! 
Follow Collin's on Google+ Google+ and see his regular updates. Or you can find him as Makini90 here on deviant ART DeviantArt 


You are an exceptional good drawer Collin.
Thank you

Untitled by sHavYpus
You have really proven to become an even better drawer and artist over the past two years.
Thank you



She is a young and talented soul who has drew "Super-Volari" in two different interpretations and styles as a gift
for our mutual friend Isfyx. I think she has done a wonderful job and I love how the realistic style has some comic to it.
Amazingly done dear Sara. I believe you will become a big artist one day. Thank you for making these drawings.
You can find her as SmalltheCat here on deviant ART DeviantArt 

A Gift for Isfyx by ASmallOne
A Gift for Isfyx...Cartoony by ASmallOne

I like how very different this is, and it is such wonderful drawings!
Thank you



A talented soul I am a big fan of, especially for being the creator of them super-emotes.
Hoxxy made this awesome photo-manipulate of "Super-Volari",
The "S" on the shirt magically turned into an "H". H for Hoxxy or H for Hero?!
Hoxxy is to be found here on deviant ART as Hoxxy DeviantArt 

Super Hoxari by hoxxy

I really appreciate you taking your time to play and create with this wonderful piece.
Thank you


Ray Gallon 

A great painter and a man with an amazing soul.
He found me on Google+, and he requested and then decided (with my permission) to paint me!
Please check out his page and support his works on his Google+ Google+ 

Sell Art Online

I am so honored and amazed by this that I'm kinda speechless... 
Thank you


Todd James (Toddy)

A man of many wise words and a very kind soul that always knows how to put a smile on your face.
For my birthday he decided to photo-manipulate "Super-Volari" and wrote me very warming and loving words,
these words are to be found underneath the deviation.
This manip can also be found on his Google+ Google+ Todd is known as Karmeticpeace here on deviant ART Rabbit hole 

Super Girl by KarmeticPeace

Your kind words makes me "smiles" and feel even stronger. 
Thank you



An eager and loving young girl who loves to draw! I don't know much about this girl, but I know that she is very positive and kind.
She teached me what a "chibi" is, so I requested from her a chibi version of "Super-Volari"! It looks very cute and very happy, thank you for making this cute chibi a part of this collection.
arachnephobia1113 is her profile here on deviant ART  DeviantArt  check out her cute drawings!


Such adorable this chibi!
Thank you

Mr. L

A person who has met upon many challenges towards his fragile, but yet strong and loving soul.
On my birthday I received a notification letting me know he had mixed and trickster-ed with "Super-Volari" and he wrote: 
"Just a gift (digital draw) for my dearest friend Andreananas 6.9 The Mohawk Girl. Happy birthday Andrea !"

You find Mr. L as Daria Electra on Google+ Google+  and are known as jackskarma here on deviant ARTRabbit hole

Sparkles by jackskarma

This next one was made last year, and was one of the first manipulations of "Super-Volari".
It was my desktop background for many months...  Why it was made: " it was just a little gift cos you're a funtastic woman"
Funny Grrrl by jackskarma

You are such a wonderful person, and you must never forget that. Never forget. Trois mots.
Thank you



A young girl with a loving soul and possesses the awesome talent to draw cute things. 
By my request after being the winner of her contest,
she drew me as a fox/wolf and used "Super-Volari" as source of inspiration.
You find her as hawiibo here on deviant ARTRabbit hole 
Andrea - by HaileyBlue by sHavYpus
I love the unique expression on your digital drawings Hailey.
Thank you


Isak Fyksen (Kiddo)

The photographer and SOURCE of this fantastic photo "Super-Volari".
Kiddo has a kind and generous soul as well as he is very intellectual.
The photographer Obsidian Google+  also known as Isfyx here on deviant ART Rabbit hole 

Volari Super by Isfyx

He has been like a "little brother" to me for many years and I care very much for him.
Thank you


Thank you, all of you, for being Superman !


IF YOU make your own version of 

"Super Volari"

please let me know so I can include it here!

  • Watching: YOUR beautiful ART.


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